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Providing strategy and quality solutions to your air quality compliance needs in an increasingly complex regulatory environment


We have worked in the heavily regulated oil and gas industry since 2012. Amerigo understands the value of transparency, communication, trust, and assessing compliance risk and its liabilities.

Amerigo’s small staff includes scientists, data scientists and engineers with a collective 20+ years experience.  We maintain close partnerships with other, talented Austin-based professionals because collaboration often works best. We focus on delivering on time. We focus on our cut above quality, and we focus on creating a rewarding workplace.  

Air Quality Compliance

While requirements vary and regulations change, we excel in providing the highest quality of service for your air compliance needs from permitting to emission inventories to record keeping.

Our clients in the upstream and midstream industry are subject to permitting and compliance requirements that can be endless.  Regulations evolve and with time, industries must adapt to meet new reporting requirements while continuing to operate in good compliance standings.  Client needs range based on geographical locations, regulating authorities – local, state or federal, and the type of facilities they operate.  Amerigo can support your rule applicability, permitting strategies and compliance requirements.  Our permitting products and emission inventories stand out against peers.  

Amerigo has prepared permit applications and emission inventories across Texas, Colorado, North Dakota, Wyoming and BLM lands for upstream and midstream facilities.  The majority of our project expertise is Texas based which has proved to be an asset for translating skillsets to other permitting authorities and sharing knowledge across our client base.  Our services range widely from NSR permitting to MSS authorizations to PTE compliance to Major source EIs.  


We have 9 years and counting of commitment to accuracy and quality across air compliance services.

Amerigo's Air Quality Compliance services include:

  • Federal New Source Review (NSR) for new/modified sources

  • Non-attainment NSR for new/modified major sources

  • Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) for new/modified major sources

  • Title V Operating Permits for major or "affected sources"

  • State and local air permitting

Amerigo Air Quality Compliance strengths:

  • Incorporated ProMax to our product in 2014 - high proficiency for customization of reports and models to meet client needs

  • 20+ years of collective experience with midstream/upstream clients

  • Extensive facility process knowledge supporting best practices for emission calculations and methodology transparency

  • Presence in the Gulf Coast

  • Experience with Small, Medium and Large Operators

Air QC
Greenhouse Gas Program

Greenhouse Gas 

Experienced in reporting for clients under the GHG MRR since the regulation’s inception, Amerigo provides comprehensive rule expertise and reporting knowledge for your GHG efforts.  As the industry evolves, we have supported both compliance and voluntary based inventories as operators push to manage their carbon footprint.


Amerigo has worked with clients since the onset of Subpart W of the EPA GHG MRR.  The GHG MRR and its annual reporting data published to the public receives significant attention.  Operators compare themselves, regulators utilize the data to meet SIPs, and stakeholders assess operator efforts to evolve.  Amerigo has supported clients reporting throughout a variety of US basins and can provide your team with understanding emission sources and the calculation methodologies and recordkeeping practices that fit best.     


We also recognize that completing emissions and submitting the annual report is currently a compliance-based requirement which leaves the opportunity to analyze and forecast your operations GHG footprint.  Whether you are needing a 3rd party audit on your compliance program or support on developing emission intensity metrics that compare your progress, Amerigo is well-equipped to support any GHG needs – compliance or voluntary.

Amerigo GHG services include:​​

  • Full-scale compliance programs under the GHG MRR Petroleum and Natural Gas System segment 

  • Petroleum segment applicability under Subpart W and compliance demonstrations for recordkeeping 

  • Customization and database integration for your EMIS system to support GHG calculations 

  • Emission intensity metrics and review of your biggest sources – leveraging our experience with other operators to compare your program

  • GHG audits: review of documentation, recordkeeping, calculation methodologies, and published public data 

  • GHG Monitoring plans (GMP)

  • API/IPIECA GHG inventory support for worldwide efforts

M&A Due Diligence

Due diligence is an integral part to any M&A. A variety of risk assessments are necessary for a buyer to make an informed decision regarding an acquisition in the oil and gas arena, small or big.  A purchaser needs to weigh the cost benefit of the investment and understand the types of risks associated – operational, subsurface, historical, regulatory, and of course, environmental.  The list can go on, but Amerigo specializes in our ability to help monetize immediate and long-term air quality compliance costs associated with a purchase.


Amerigo has conducted over 25+ M&A projects that have ranged in services from field sampling to reviewing microfilm.  Our M&A story began in 2016 when the industry saw an unprecedented amount of M&A activity.  Drawing from experience in Texas and Colorado, our services have varied across the compliance spectrum but we specialize and provide the most value in assessing air compliance risk.   

Due to the nature of buying and selling, it is not uncommon to complete the detailed review post-close; we can help there too.  The effort to create a picture for buyers pre-close or post-close requires a range of skilled professionals – call us to support the air compliance. 

Amerigo's M&A services include:

  • Full-scale historical compliance review of permits, compliance reporting and/or deficiencies of the sites in question

  • Forward looking compliance reports to help monetize the air quality controls and permitting mechanisms available pre-close or post-close

  • Audit Privilege Act to identify and understand the compliance standings of your asset purchase

  • Forward looking strategy to manage unforeseen compliance needs as federal regulations evolve or the geographic region’s attainment changes

  • Optical gas imaging surveys with FLIR GF320 to review actual conditions of site 

Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence
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