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About Us

Who we are and how we came to be

Amerigo is an environmental consulting firm that specializes in air permitting and compliance for the oil and gas industry.

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Established in 2012 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, Amerigo is an environmental consulting firm specializing in developing air quality compliance solutions for the upstream midstream oil gas industry. We provide quality services on schedule, within budget, and to the satisfaction of our clients. Amerigo has worked with operators in Texas, New Mexico, Montana, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Colorado and Tribal/BLM lands. Our clients include Fortune 50 upstream and midstream operators, independent producers, and private equity/energy investment firms.

Our team has 20+ years of direct air permit and emission inventory compliance experience and have prepared 350+ major/minor source applications and inventories. Quality is a core focus for the Amerigo team - alongside learning and improving our products


Greg Goebertus, President

Greg is the senior consultant and president at Amerigo. Collectively, he has 12 years’ experience providing air quality compliance services ranging from hands-on field work to basin-wide air permitting strategies and emission inventories. After three years with a multi-national environmental consulting firm, Greg identified an opportunity to start Amerigo in 2012. Amerigo's consulting services evolved rapidly across oil plays in early years. Growth followed by subsequent industry downturns forced a renewed and matured focus on air quality compliance services.


Greg provides technical expertise and industry experience to help clients understand permitting mechanisms and compliance risks. He balances project-based work alongside business development. Based out of Austin, Amerigo is proud to support a loyal customer base doing important work for the environment and industry.

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Emmanuel Briseño

Air Scientist II

Emmanuel has four years of experience with Amerigo’s air permitting and environmental compliance program for the oil and gas industry. His project portfolio includes preparation of air permits and Emission Inventories for major/minor source upstream midstream facilities and annual GHG reporting under the MRR Subpart W. Along with his strong science background and ability to analyze large datasets efficiently, Emmanuel is well-versed with the process software tool ProMax and the value behind customization of reports for clients.


Prior to joining the Amerigo team, Emmanuel attended the University of Texas at Austin where he worked on research concerning the stress-dependent permeability of gas shales through experimental and data analyzing projects.

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Jocelyn Flores

Air Scientist II

Jocelyn joined Amerigo after graduating from The University of Texas at Austin with a B.S.A. in General Physics. Since joining Amerigoinearly2018, Jocelyn has gained experience in the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry through various air permitting and compliance projects. Jocelyn’s project highlights include the preparation of major and minor source NSR permits, M&A projects, GHG MRR Subpart W, and annual emission inventory reporting. She has also been the primary lead on supporting a large operator’s EMIS database which covers assets across the US.


Jocelyn’s strong science background and database proficiency have translated to a valuable skillset within the compliance arena.


Todd Sines

Air Scientist I

Todd joined Amerigo in 2017 and quickly transitioned from the Austin office to the field where he was the principal field liaison. Over two-plus years, Todd gained significant field experience supporting a variety of on-site compliance roles for upstream and midstream operators. His expertise in upstream operations, production, and process equipment eventually led Todd to join Amerigo’s air permitting and GHG compliance projects. Todd is a certified FLIR OGI Camera Operator with over 4,000+ hours of onsite OGI inspections and has supported annual OOOO/OOOOa compliance reporting in many different capacities. 


Because of his broad experience in the field, Todd is knowledgeable in the operations of upstream and midstream facilities, SCADA, and the data management tool, Spotfire.

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